Anna Henningsson arbetar inom kulturhistoria, konst och naturvetenskap.

Aktuella engagemang:

- Workshop & podcast [Rent nog]

- Digitalisering av historiska fotografier


Anna Henningsson works in the intersection of historic art and cultural sciences at Disent AB, a company based in Stockholm, Sweden. Anna has a degree in Master of Arts from Uppsala University. Beside this she has received a Diploma-degree in conservation from the University of Technology, Arts Cologne (art-technology and conservation of wall paintings and stone). Anna Henningsson is involved in several cooperation’s related to applied research projects in the field of visual history and cultural heritage preservation. She has a special interest in exploring visual history of images, artifacts and spaces in historic churches. Within ICOMOS Sweden Anna Henningsson has held the position as representative for the Committee on Wall Paintings since 2008. She is a member of NKF-S (Nordic IIC group). Alongside this, she is interested in nature and environmental humanities.